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Opioid addiction and overdoses in children devastate their parents

From the Washington Post:  Opioid addiction and overdoses in children devastate their parents –  “Brian has been dead for 136 days,” says his mother, Vicki Bishop. “I watched him die over many years, and it was a long, slow, horrible death.” Her son’s decades-long battle with opioids blotted out the

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Redefining Parenthood

The ring of the phone or the buzz of an incoming text became a dreadful sound. Steve and Melissa Kowgitz had become used to the rush of bad news that usually came whenever their daughter contacted them. She was in the throes of a heroin addiction and the Southport couple…

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PAL is making an impact around the country. 

Parents Empowering Parents For some parents who have children struggling with addiction, finding a comfortable and reliable support group locally can be difficult. Sequim residents Cliff and Corky Schadler have two adult sons struggling with drug addiction. While they tried to find ways to cope with what was happening, it

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PAL Lessons Now Available in Spanish!

The PAL Lessons used in every PAL Group meeting have been translated and are now available in Spanish. You can find the lessons under the navigation bar “About Our Meetings” or click here

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