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Meeting Format

Meeting Opening
-Introduction & Welcome: Facilitator introduces self and welcomes participants.

-Announcements: Facilitator announces any changes concerning group -holiday closings, etc. Facilitator reminds group of importance in maintaining confidentiality and mentions important points -parking, bathroom locations, etc.

-Prayer: Facilitator or attendee opens meeting in prayer.

-PAL Preamble
is read.

-Introduction of Participants:
Each person briefly introduces self and, if chooses, says who they are here for -son, daughter, spouse, etc.

Educational Topic
-Group Reading: Facilitator passes around a copy of the Educational Topic Lesson chosen for that particular session for reading and discussion.

*Educational Topics- one selected each week:
1) Delayed Emotional Growth
2) Three Promises to a Loved-One
3) Healthy Helping
4) Enabling Check List
5) The 4 Stages of Growth in Recovery
6) Thirteen Family Lessons About Recovery
7) Alcoholic/Addict Roles & Family Roles
8) Re-entry, Transitional Living, & After-care
9) 12 Principles of Healthy Adult Relationships

-If the group is Large: After reading is completed, people can share their opinions of what was read and how they may, or may not be able to apply it. (OR)
-Small Group Discussion: After reading is completed, people can be asked to break into groups of two, three, or four (For 5 to 15 Minutes or so) and share their opinions of what was read and how they may, or may not be able to apply it before reforming as a group.

*(There are some additional alternative lessons as well as occasionally hosting a guest speaker or showing an educational video in lieu of the normal educational topic)

-Each person has an opportunity to share what’s happening in their present life challenges. It’s O.K. to pass.

-Timely Prayer: When someone is struggling emotionally, we can ask if they would like prayer. If so, we can ask if they would like to say the prayer, or have someone else pray for them. If they prefer to have someone else pray, we can ask the group for a volunteer.

-Prayer: Facilitator asks for a volunteer to close in prayer.
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