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Dealing With A Child Who Has An Addiction

Dealing With A Child Who Has An Addiction

Parenthood comes with it share of challenges and those challenges range from serious to not so serious. On this episode of Good News For The City, Fred  Leamnson shares the journey he and his wife Cathy have been on as they deal with a child who is addicted to drugs. Podcast GuestRead More

Letting Go

Havasupai Falls is an isolated paradise located deep in a remote corner of the Grand Canyon National Park. It attracts thousands of visitors yearly, people wishing to experience the beautiful, cool, turquoise waters and magnificent waterfalls. The Falls sit on the land of the Havasupai people, and in order toRead More

The Happy Place

The path of one whose family member is addicted is often long and grueling.  It is filled with a few ups and far too many downs.  It is a path where our deepest fears are encountered, our vulnerabilities exposed and our failings magnified.  Along the way, the forces at workRead More