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PAL is here to support the journey of parents of addicted loved ones. Explore articles about the growth of this movement of healing for parents and their children.

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Air1 Closer Look takes a dive into how Parents of Addicted Loved Ones has brought hope and healing to hundreds of families across the nation.

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Washington Post

Kim Humphrey, PAL CEO, talks about the crisis surrounding sober homes taking advantage of those suffering from substance use disorder.

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As states began receiving opioid settlement money, Kim Humphrey, PAL CEO, discussed the importance of the funding to organizations like PAL.

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Parents of Addicted Loved Ones was discussed in a recent feature by one of the world’s largest news organizations.

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Money Magazine

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones was highlighteed in a feature by Money Magazine. This feature highlight’s PAL CEO, Kim Humphrey and his family.

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AZ Central

Kim Humphrey of Parents of Addicted Loved Ones on the scene during legistation around opoids, as covered by AZ Central.

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PAL in the Press

Recent Press Artcicles

1 in 100,000: The story of a fentanyl victim
By Miguel Marquez and Rachel Clarke, CNN
Karen Butcher’s story.

CNN | 2021-11-29

The Pain of Addiction: Parishes welcome program to help parents of addicts
interview with facilitator Julia Hayden as she shares her story and the hope of PAL.

Florida Catholic Media |2021-11-16

Support for families coping with addicted adult children
Marilyn Alumbaugh brings personal experience to new Kokomo group

Kokomo | 2021-11-11

Maricopa County moves to curb the opioid crisis with the approval of lawsuit settlement

Maricopa County signs onto massive national opioid settlement
In Arizona, more than 11,000 people have died in the past four years from opioid overdoses. Others who were affected by opioid, like Sean Humphrey, are speaking out.

Fox 10 Phoenix Associated Press | 2021-10-20

Maricopa County moves to curb the opioid crisis with the approval of lawsuit settlement

Interview with Nancy Godin and Carol Newman
Half-hour show talking about PAL and the upcoming Georgia event.

The First Step | 2021-10-03

Interview with Michael Van Meter
One-hour interview with Kim.

Recovery is Possible | 2021-09-08

Compact interview with Dave and Laura from PAL (Parents of Addicted Loved ones)
Half-hour interview by Matt (a law enforcement officer) and Natalie (a prevention specialist) on a podcast that specializes in substance misuse, mental health, juvenile obstacles and tech issues to raise awareness, answer questions, and provide valuable resources within the community. Dave and Laura Urech, facilitators in Birmingham, AL., are interviewed

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