Share Hope is a grassroots fundraising effort to “pay it forward” by increasing awareness, adding new PAL meetings, creating Pals of Hope monthly donors, AND supporting YOUR local Meeting.


  1. To receive additional resources (books, targeted digital marketing, etc.). You choose how to spend one-third of dollars raised to support your meeting!  (Note: The meeting allocation is capped at $500. If your meeting raises more than $1,500; $500 would be spent for your choices for your meeting and the balance will go to national expense.) 
  2. To raise funds for new meetings in communities without PAL.
  3. To generate awareness about PAL with those who need help.
  4. To increase PAL monthly donor numbers.


  • Choose to have your meeting participate.
  • Sign up to participate before MAY 15
  • Provide information about SHARE HOPE in your meetings beginning June 4 thru July 1.  PAL will provide information / materials to help


  • Anyone can support PAL – facilitators, meeting attendees, family, friends…


After you sign up:

  • We will create and share with you a link for a fundraising page for your meeting (see example below). This is where people will donate.
  • You will receive any needed information or materials before June 4.
  • At each meeting during the campaign (June 4 thru July 1), after your opening prayer, make a brief announcement such as the following:
    • For the next four weeks, we have the opportunity to help this meeting with additional resources AND to ‘pay it forward’ to help establish new meetings for other parents seeking hope. Donations can be made online on our meeting page _______________. Please also consider becoming a monthly donor.
  • After the campaign, you will receive your meeting’s results by the end of July and any benefits you opted for by the end of August.

Contact the PAL office (602) 512-1454 or MaryEllen or Beth will assist you.

Donation Page Example

Faith Bible

Goal: $2000.00