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Kevin Braxton

My older son struggles with drugs.

Thanks to my local PAL group, I now have a plan and hope for how to deal with the awkwardness and the hard times with my son.

Jack Leveen

My 21 year-old son struggled with Herion

I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know groups like this existed, but they have helped me immensely.

Claudia Smith

My son and his wife struggle with alchohol

My husband and I were at our whits end, and finally we found some hope with the help of others who have walked the same road. What a life changer it’s been.

What makes all the difference at the end of the day is our ability to move forward in these situations, learn from our mistakes, and “be better.” For our families. For our friends. And for ourselves.


– SEAN, PAL Group Member

We found out he was using IV heroin. My husband and I naively had no idea you could even buy heroin in our small town. We immediately took him to a place to be evaluated but because he was 18, we were not allowed in. He managed to convince them he didn’t really have a problem. But he did.


– PAL mom