I spent many years of my life in a position of pain and emotional struggle. I had difficulty with even the most basic human interactions and responsibilities. I quite literally lost the ability to function as a normal person. And throughout the whole ordeal, there were several times where all I could see was darkness. I fundamentally believed and internalized the idea that life was hard: that life was pain and misery. And in doing so, I perpetuated that myth in my own head for far longer than I ever should have. Living in this mindset will almost certainly guarantee and manifest an experience of struggle throughout your existence on this physical plane.

After being beaten down by my disease time after time – year after year, I saw the end of it borne through Hope. I saw a new dawn of success and achievement in the lives of people who were exactly like myself. Through their experience, strength, and hope – through God’s use of their lives as a demonstration to me, the cornerstone of my personal recovery was built. “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Those people made this possible for me. God worked through them to affect change in my life. He had done this for years – It just took an immense amount of hardship and internal struggle to gain the perspective to see.

So, if you’ve been beaten down, discouraged, embittered with cynicism and contempt by life recently, I’m here to remind you that there can be purpose in this. It doesn’t have to be “just another miserable experience” as we so commonly refer to them in the moment. How we feel in these chapters of our personal histories is not indicative of the rest of our lives. In my greatest moment of strife and turmoil, I was able to see, and experience hope – and a tangible realization that my life needed to, and more importantly, could, change. I needed this experience to enable me to see it for what it really was: Growth – painful, but tremendous growth.

Take these episodes of life’s great story and transform them within you, through wisdom and insight of those who’ve seen troubling times, and view them for what they are: remarkably valuable opportunities to overcome. To challenge the darkness that at times pervades our spirit in moments of trouble. To reach out when we need guidance, assistance, and a helping hand; that we may, in turn, grow to be the individuals that others call upon in the midst of their own struggle. That we may bear witness to other’s; that they may see that light shine in us – as I was so blessed to see when I needed it the most.

What once may have seemed like the most miserable season of our lives could one day be viewed as the bridge that carried us to new horizons – as one – In Hope.

Whoever you are:

Wherever you’re at in your life:

Whatever your circumstances may be:

Healing is possible.

Hold out Hope.

Sean – In Recovery

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